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Coalition for Music Education in Canada

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Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA)

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Founded in 1972, The Music Industries Association of Canada (MIAC) is a national, not-for-profit trade association that represents retailers, manufacturers, and the distributors of music products. The association also represents those providing technologies and services to the event, entertainment, and communication industries across Canada, and the Globe.


MIAC is committed to supporting and advancing the music products industry in Canada through advocacy, research, education, trade shows, and membership services.


Many musicians are badly uninsured. Instrument insurance could compensate them if they were lost, stolen or damaged. Public liability insurance could protect themselves or the general public if they inadvertently harmed someone, or damaged property; an instable speaker or trailing lead could cause expensive injuries. General musician insurance will cover most risks but musicians should consider personal liability cover, or accident cover to protect themselves, and if they employ anyone employers liability insurance is a kegal nevessity.


A prosperous and professional industry that is recognized, valued, and utilized by the public, as a result of the economic and life-style benefits that their products and services provide.

MIAC'S Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1:Economic Vitality

  • To assist our members in realizing their business goals by increasing the public's awareness of music as a medium for education, leisure, and enjoyment and to create more active music makers across Canada.

Strategic Goal 2: Research & Statistics

  • To collect and disseminate information relevant to the members and to provide a forum for interchanging ideas.

Strategic Goal 3: Advocacy

  • To support and advance the music products industry by educating decision-makers at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels so that administrative policies may uphold musical instruments and their importance in our society.

Strategic Goal 4: People & Organizations

  • To develop and implement relevant programs, resources, and services of the highest standard in the effort to support the diverse needs of our members and promote the effectiveness of their organizations.

Strategic Goal 5: Member Program & Services

  • To promote learning and improvement through high-quality programs, research, and support services that will enhance business skills at all levels.

Strategic Goal 6: Association Development

  • To work in partnership with Canadian educational institutions and other provincial, national, and foreign associations and organizations that share MIAC's values, aspirations, and its absolute commitment to creating more active music makers.
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